Ramona is a McDonald’s worker in San Jose. She escaped a violent home life in Mexico to raise her children with more safety and opportunity here in the states. Fortunately, although Ramona has faced obstacles, she has begun to see how using her voice for change matters. Ramona advocates for workers to lift up and demand what they are due as essential front line staff during these unprecedented times.

“I preferred to leave [home] before something would happen to me…[At my job there] some guy had asked me if I wanted help at work, I said no. But my dad beat me cause he said I was flirting. My dad left me in a pool of blood when he hit me, my boss had to come and get me.”

“I have had experiences with managers who have been rude, but I don’t let myself be mistreated. I have had problems with 3 supervisors. They would ask me to do work I couldn’t do…my doctor had to send 2 or 3 letters before they left me alone.”

“Right now what is important for me is to have a Union. I try to talk to coworkers to let them know they don’t have to put up with problems. Lots of workers are scared to join in on the fight for their rights. 

“McDonald’s is like a mafia, for example I don’t like playing favoritism. There are workers who do things to get better treatment from managers, I don’t do that. I know that we shouldn’t try to kiss up by doing things outside of doing a good job. Our work should speak for us.” 

“They [McDonald’s] have paid me when I had to take the time off [for quarantine]. I made a complaint video & this helped so we could get PPE right away.”

Photographer Credit: Brooke Anderson Photography

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