Originally from Kathmandu, Jayanti came to the United States eight years ago. She used to work as a teacher, but since immigrating, she has been working as a babysitter for the same owner. She has not been given paid sick leave and is still working.

Jayanti works nine hours a day, and takes rest breaks and eats lunch when the kids nap. She is currently living in an apartment with other people with her husband who works at a gas station. Because she is living with people she doesn’t know, she is scared of contracting COVID-19.

From the translator: “She says hopefully someone can help us with sharing the apartment. [She wants] to live with her husband and not live with other people. That’s the support she would need, rent support. She also mentions with the help of National Domestic Workers Alliance, hopefully one day all the workers can negotiate about the working conditions or their work tasks. And there are a lot of workers who say they work a lot because the employer makes them do everything in the house. She hopes there will be equality for all.

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