Alphonso Gutierres-Ruiz has worked for McDonald for over 20 years since immigrating to the US. During his time working he has faced issues with wage theft, even during the pandemic. Alphonso recalls that in the past he has raised his voice when things needed to change, and due to this has been retaliated against by management. Specifically, during the pandemic Alphonso was not paid for two instances in which he had to quarantine due to close contact exposure at work with fellow employees. Alphonso says that there is still much to fight for, because workers need better protections & wages.

“First time I went quarantine they didn’t pay me my full sick pay. I got out when someone was ill with covid, so I took time off. Then a second time I took time off but they didn’t pay me the second time I went out when a worker got sick. The first time was May, then the second time was at the end of May..” 

“The old manager didn’t like me because I was on strike in the past. The manager was taking photos and trying to make us feel bad.”

“I would like for there to be more communication to make the work easier. I would like for there to be more communication between workers and owners so owners understand. We want more support for people, better pay and for them to work with workers so workers can do better.”

Photographer Credit: Brooke Anderson Photography

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