This is the story of a service worker at Stanford who experienced harassment from her employer.

The supervisor started to sort of harass and for whatever small fault will make a complaint and the building manager will come to you and make you do your work all over again after you’ve already done it. Sometimes supervisors will come check on you unannounced and say things like you missed this or you still have to finish there.

Sometimes they tell us “next time, if you can’t keep up with the work, tell me so I can replace you.”

On the night shift, this harassment became worse.

At night you should see how they harass us, how they persecute/follow/are after us but only certain people who they don’t like. My supervisor would show up every time to check up on me… sometimes she’d find me struggling behind this door. It is really difficult to open the back doors and clean them. And my supervisor would go every time and no matter how clean I had it, she was not happy.

Whether you work well or you don’t work well they don’t care. And we can’t do anything. We have to stay like this, due to the legal situation we are going through.

Right now everyone that is working the night shift, but no one wants to say anything because they’re scared.

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