“When I came from my country, I came because of my dad. He’s elderly, he’s 83 years old. He depends on me. I send him money monthly so he can have his money to buy his medicine. Also there [her hometown in Mexico] there is no work because of the violence which is another reason why I came here as well.”

Lisa is a McDonald’s worker originally from Guerrero, Mexico. She came to the United States in the hopes for a better life. She has been working in the fast food industry for 18 years.

“In 2018, someone threatened me, they wanted to hit me […] my boss did not do anything. I had to go to the psychologist. Right now I am under psychiatric care. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety because of that problem. My boss never supported me. It is very sad. All they care about is how much was made and how much was sold.”

Recently she has not been working due to her work injuries. Although she is better now, she has not been able to work.

“I still have not quit. But I do not feel well because of the anxiety and depression that does not want to go away. Despite that, I worked from 2018 to 2019. But now, because I hurt my back and shoulder, I didn’t go back. But when I worked, they did not care. I would tell them that I was not okay, but they did not care. They did not ask me how they can help, nothing. They don’t care maybe because we are immigrants. I do not know truthfully. Why do they do that us, [those of us] who are undocumented. Truthfully it’s sad.”

Photographer Credit: Brooke Anderson Photography

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